Go through the interview process one time, with one company, saving you from the dozens of hours of applying and interviewing, and giving you access to a pool of great companies using Elixir which you can choose from.

Start The Last Interview Process You Will Ever Need

What We Offer

Top Tier Elixir Companies

We vet the companies that we work with to make sure the work they are doing will be with Elixir. This alleviates issues of you going through the interview process, only to find out that the company you just wasted your time interviewing with, is not using Elixir and doesn't want to. We work with companies to provide the fairest and equitable compensation and provide the best offers possible within their budget.

One Point Of Contact

Unlike traditional recruiters who only ask you basic screening questions and then really just handle communication between you and the company, we handle the entire interview process. So you do not need to jump back and forth between interviews and conversations with the recruiter to see what the company thinks of you and if you are going to be scheduled for your next interview. Your interview process will be 100% with us, and our goal is to make this as painless as possible for you, taking as little of your time as possible. Getting you vetted and ready to move on to the next step of placing you at your company of choice.

Save You Time And Energy

When a developer wants to find a new job, they essentially have to take on an additional part-time job, taking time to apply and interview at various companies. It's a numbers game, so the more applications you submit, the more interviews you get, but in return, the more interviews you need to go through. To compound this issue, if you have interview processes at five different companies then you now have to go through five different interview processes which are all different, only for some of them to not end up working out. The way we solve this problem is through our proven interview process which has allowed us to vet Elixir engineers as effectively and efficiently as possible, in one place, with one interview process. We know your time is valuable, and our mission has been to make this process as seamless as possible for you so that you can focus on choosing the company that you want to invest your time and talent into.

We Get You A Full-Time Job

We are not a platform to find occasional contracting work, we offer to find you full-time employment, allowing you to get competitive total compensation with the employee benefits of the best companies.

Speedy Placement

Using our finely-tuned process and existing network of Elixir companies, we interview and then place you extremely fast. With traditional recruitment where you are required to do all the work of finding a job, interviewing at each company, and experience the frustration of miscommunication around technology and compensation. But when you choose 10ex.dev to do the last interview process you will ever need, we make sure you avoid the frustration and time waste, of applying, negotiating, and miscommunication. We work very hard to make sure that the expectations and details are communicated clearly, and that you are compensated fairly because then you have a higher chance of being happy in your role and stay at the company for the long run. This makes our company clients happy as well, which only incentivizes us more to do this well.

Qualify Once, Switch Whenever

Because we vet and place you into Elixir companies, once you qualify to be in our group of top-tier Elixir developers, we know you are one of the best. Because of this, even if we have placed you in the past, we can save you so much time when you decide to switch jobs again. You have already been vetted by us, so now you can just reach out to us, let us know you are interested in switching companies, and we will let you choose a new company to work for. So interviewing with us now is saving you so much time in the future.

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