We are on a mission to make the process of hiring Elixir developers painless for your company. We specialize in end-to-end hiring, interviewing, vetting, and placement, taking the burden off of you and your engineering team.

Build & Scale Your Elixir Engineering Team

What We Offer

Top Tier Elixir Developers

We find and vet top-grade Elixir developers to place at your company. We have built out an efficient interview process to find the best candidates, who have practical, on-the-job experience, to be productive on day one at your company.

End-To-End Recruitment

We do the hard stuff, so you don't have to. We handle finding your candidates, filtering out the non-starters, handling the technical interviews, assessing cultural fits, and placing the developers into your team, all so your company can focus its time and resources on the important things.

Conserve Your Developer Resources

Our proven interview process has allowed us to vet Elixir engineers in the things that really matter. We know that foundational knowledge in Elixir is important, but so is practical knowledge and experience in common open source libraries such as Phoenix, Ecto, LiveView, etc. We focus on making sure the candidates we offer, know what they are doing so that your developers do not need to waste their time in interviews.

The Best Leads

We have ingrained ourselves into the Elixir community, giving us access to the very best of talent. That talent pool then is directly presented to you so that we can find your company the very best fit.

We Place In-House Developers

There is no replacement for having in-house developers. Unlike contractors or outsources development, in-house developers are 100% focused on your company. They have a higher rate of buy-in to your companies mission and values. Your clients are their responsibility. Any time spent learning your companies processes and team's goals is not wasted. The quality of work is generally much higher, with the right talent. Your alternatives are going with outsourced work or developers for hire from a pool of contractors -- With us, you will get a full-time, in-house developer placed right into your team.

Speedy Placement

Using our finely-tuned process and existing network of talented professionals, we can find you highly qualified candidates extremely fast. Unlike traditional recruitment where you wait months for a candidate that you still have to interview, we provide qualified Elixir developers that are ready to be hired.

Want to build & scale your Elixir team?

A Quick Overview Of The Process

Elixir Team Accelerator™


Evaluate Your Team's Needs

We meet with your team to understand what you're looking for: culture fit, junior, mid-level, senior developer, specific skills needed, etc. We then draft up a job description to capture all of this.

Find Candidates

Hiring from a place of abundance (vs scarcity) is the secret to avoiding a high churn rate. Through our connections within the Elixir community and finely tuned lead generation process, we will source our leads to get candidates that fit your requirements.


Unlike traditional recruiters, we are not just providing communication between you and the candidates, we do the interviews for you so that your team does not have to. With our tested and proven interview process, we can filter out candidates that do not know Elixir well enough to be productive on the job. We put our interview candidates through practical, real-world project interviews to ensure they have what it takes to effectively contribute to your team, day one. But we don't stop there, our candidates also undergo a behavioral assessment to ensure they have a solid culture fit for your team.


Once we have your top contender, we are ready to place them into your team. You will receive all the necessary information about your new hire, including the technical interview results, notes, and behavioral assessment results. From this point, they will be ready to set a hire date. All you have to do is the new hire paperwork, we have taken care of the rest.

Want to build & scale your Elixir team?

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Frequently asked questions

Do you take a percentage of the developers' yearly salary?
No, we charge a flat rate, to remain unbiased when we suggest salaries for developers we are presenting to you.
Do these developers work for you or us?
They work for you. We vet and top-grade potential recruits. But this is all about building YOUR internal team. So every person we send you is YOURS (once they’ve proven they can perform for you, that is.)
Are these just outsourced developers?
Nope. We recruit for you, so you can have in-house developers on your team. The economics just don’t work at scale with the outsourced model. Software engineering is a critical part of your business – so outsourcing it is dangerous. If your software engineering agency walks away, you’re S.O.L. Our goal is to help you build an internal engineering department of 10x developers.
Do you also place junior developers?
We do! We tailor our services to meet your needs. If you need a junior, mid-level, or senior engineer, we find the right developer for your team.
Are you training these developers?
Nope. We source and vet top-tier Elixir developers who have the knowledge and experience to be productive on day one on the job. We do offer training for teams looking to utilize all the benefits of Elixir I will personally train your engineering team to level up in Elixir as part of Elixir Team Accelerator program.
Will you consult for my existing Elixir development team?
Yes, absolutely. This is our specialty. If you have an existing software engineering team that’s underperforming, we can help them 1) perform at a higher level, and 2) eliminate ruts and inconsistency. They’ll stop missing deadlines they should meet… and you’ll end the year with a couple more projects completed for your customers.

Let us help you grow your Elixir development team today

Don't waste your companies resources on sourcing leads, fumbling through the interview process, all just to end up settling for sub-par candidates. Let us help you build out your development team with top-tier Elixir professionals you can depend on.